It’s All About Timing

At 52, and as of a week ago, I become officially unemployed.  Part of the agony of searching for a new job or trying to figure out what to do in this day and age, a friend of mine, advised me to start a blog.  I have lots of ideas and knowledge to share, he advised.  Well here I am, beginning my very first blog, hoping someone out there benefit from what I have to say.

I named my blog, MEEQAT.  An Arabic word that means, Timing.  You see, it is all about timing in our lives.  The time we came to earth for the very first second, the time we grow up and attain our education, the time we marry and have children, the time we go to work, and the time when we retire and eventually move on to another life, an eternal one, as Muslims and other monotheistic religions believe.

Success in life can be defined in many ways depending on one’s core values and objectives.  For some, it is all about achieving prosperity and owning all the good things in life.   Others define success by impacting society and humanity with bright ideas that change the world; Steve Jobs, Einstein, Isaac Newton, Ali Nayfeh, Avicenna, Ibn Rushd, and thousands of other scholars are but a few examples of these individuals with significant imprint on human development.  All of these people took their time scrutinizing science and our need for solving problems of quintessential importance.  Eventually, after many experiments they succeeded.  Its all about timing!


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